About AAAEngine


 AAAEngine is a manufacturing leader in the Auto Engine Industry. For over 35 years, they have been delivering high quality remanufactured engines across the United States and even nationwide. AAAEngine stands apart from its competitors by offering a full one-year unlimited mile warranty on all makes and models of car engines. AAAEengine is able to offer such a strong guarantee on the engines that are sold because they overlook the manufacturing done at thie facility. With over 20,000 square feet, manufacturing, assembling, and installation is all done at their premises. Since, they are in control of everything they are able to offer a more competitive price, and have better quality control of their product. When AAAEngine installs the engine, the warranty is upgraded to two years unlimited miles.Besides American-made vehicles, AAAEngine carries remanufactured engines for Korean, German, Japanese, and Swiss engines as well. If their is an engine which you do not see displayed on the website, you may contact us and we will be able to give you a quote on remanufacturing your engine. AAAEngine has only ASE certified Master techs which have been with the company since its founding.

Based in the greater Los Angeles area, AAAEngine will install the remanufactured engine for customers in our Chatsworth location in California. Additionally, when we install we also include water pump, spark plugs, oil, oil filter, and coolant. Towing is also FREE if you are 25 mile radius of our facility. The difference between AAAEngine and its competitors is that we do not lure customers in with an attractive price, only to call and raise it on them the next day. We will quote you based on anything else you need, and will not replace anything else without your authorization. Our average installation period normally ranges from 5-8 business days.

Products by AAAEngine can be found on its website at http://www.AAAEngine.com. Please feel free to check our our 100% feedback on Ebay. You may also call and ask for a reference of a previous customer that has done business with us. Speaking to a satisfied customer can give you a lot of input on what you can expect for yourself.


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